The Pregnancy Clinic

Making Pregnancies Safe

Welcome to The Pregnancy Clinic

The Pregnancy Clinic is a specialist centre providing high-quality care to expectant mothers. The ethos of our clinic is to ensure that women and their families receive accurate, evidence-based information and advice, so that they can confidently enjoy their pregnancy journey without any unnecessary anxiety.

Women are supported through consultations with experts in Fetal Medicine, detailed ultrasound scans and blood tests throughout their pregnancy. In the first and second trimester, a comprehensive assessment of your baby’s anatomy to rule out birth defects alongside a personalised risk assessment for common pregnancy complications and in the third trimester, scans to assess the growth and well-being of your baby can be undertaken to ensure the safest outcome for your pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Clinic offers appointments for all types of specialist ultrasound scans during the pregnancy, including reassurance scans for assessing your baby’s well-being as well as 3D/4D scans. We offer routine bloods tests in pregnancy, alongside more specialist blood tests such as non-invasive prenatal testing. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity for women and their family to have consultations with experts in Fetal and Maternal Medicine.


The Pregnancy Clinic offers appointments in Kent and Surrey. Flexible timings of appointments are available including evenings and weekends.

Kent: Sevenoaks Pregnancy Clinic

The Dartmoor Suite,
Great Hollanden Business Centre,
Mill Lane, Underriver,
Sevenoaks, TN15 0SQ
01732 647072

Surrey: Epsom Pregnancy Clinic

Bramshott House,
137-139, High Street,
Surrey, KT19 8EH
0203 488 7656